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Catawba Valley Medical Group Family Medicine Providers

Primary Care for the Whole Family

Finding a doctor that can cater to the health and wellness needs of your entire family can be difficult, but through the Catawba Valley Medical Group you can find a myriad of skilled physicians experienced in treating patients of all ages. Every one of our clinics is staffed by a caring team of clinical staff, physicians, and administrators dedicated to keeping the people of our community happy and healthy.

At Catawba Valley Medical Group, we have you covered 24/7. We’re here for you after clinic hours during the week, and on weekends too! Learn more about our 24/7 access to care, here.

To speak with the CVMG physician on-call during afterhours, weekends or holidays call 828.324.0258.

In addition to high quality primary care, many clinics are equipped with specialized medical equipment for advanced diagnostics and treatment, including on-site x-rays, minor surgeries, and laboratories.

Find a family care provider near you:

To find out more about our clinics, or schedule an appointment at a location near you, please call 828.326.2876.‚Äč

Our partners at PMG are enrolling patients in a Blood Sample collection study for adults with untreated malignant tumors. Click here to learn more. Or, visit to additional information!

PMG Research also is enrolling participants in a variety of other research studies. Click here to learn more.