• Catawba Valley Health System

    Working Together

    For Your Health

When we opened our doors to this community, we were known as Catawba Memorial Hospital. The name fit well, as we were primarily an acute care facility serving Catawba County with just one location. But what started as one hospital was destined to be something much more important for our community.

In 2001, we began adding primary care medical practices and changed the name of the hospital to Catawba Valley Medical Center. But the organization did not stop expanding there. The foresight of the Board of Trustees and the support of the Catawba Medical Foundation helped further our mission and allowed us to aggressively expand to meet not only the current, but the anticipated needs of our area.

With unprecedented growth, the Medical Center continued to evolve. After the passing of our 50th anniversary, we adopted a new brand to better reflect our growth: Catawba Valley Health System. Catawba Valley Health System is comprised of Catawba Valley Medical Center, Catawba Valley Medical Group and Catawba Medical Foundation. This new name acknowledges that we are an integrated, comprehensive healthcare system composed of not only a medical center, but also a thriving medical group and foundation. It also acknowledges that we have grown to the point that in 2017 we had 11,612 hospital admissions, more than 60,000 emergency department visits and over 11,000 operating room procedures. The 77 healthcare providers in the medical group practices saw more than 240,000 outpatient visits at our 25 locations.

We are no longer a single facility that arose from a vacant field in 1967. We are Catawba Valley Health System with primary and specialty care providers, an acute care facility, urgent care facilities, and a foundation working tirelessly to ensure the care this community deserves. As a system, we strive to provide exceptional care every day – regardless of one’s ability to pay – and will continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of those we serve.