Catawba Valley Medical Group Family Medicine Providers

Primary Care for the Whole Family

Finding a doctor that can cater to the health and wellness needs of your entire family can be difficult, but through the Catawba Valley Medical Group you can find a myriad of skilled physicians experienced in treating patients of all ages. Every one of our clinics is staffed by a caring team of clinical staff, physicians, and administrators dedicated to keeping the people of our community happy and healthy.

At Catawba Valley Medical Group, we have you covered 24/7. We’re here for you after clinic hours during the week, and on weekends too! Learn more about our 24/7 access to care, here.

To speak with the CVMG physician on-call during after hours, weekends or holidays call 828.324.0258.

In addition to high quality primary care, many clinics are equipped with specialized medical equipment for advanced diagnostics and treatment, including on-site x-rays, minor surgeries, and laboratories.

Find a family care provider near you:

Our partners at PMG are enrolling patients in a Blood Sample collection study for adults with untreated malignant tumors. Click here to learn more. Or, visit to additional information!

PMG Research also is enrolling participants in a variety of other research studies. Click here to learn more.