Water Aerobics - Great Option for Seniors

As people age, rigorous physical activity naturally becomes more difficult. Because of this, many individuals stop exercising altogether, when in reality, water aerobics provides a beneficial workout with less stress on the body. Water aerobics is classified as a low-impact activity. While it provides aerobic exercise, it is also easy on the joints and is recommended for people with conditions that often make exercising painful and frustrating. Water aerobics makes it possible to encompass all four components of fitness – cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility – without putting enormous strain on your body. Because the buoyancy of water reduces an individual’s weight by about 90%, bones, muscles, and joints are much less stressed during water aerobics. This characteristic of water makes water aerobics an ideal form of exercise for individuals with arthritis, foot or leg conditions, knee injuries, and back problems. The water also adds resistance to movement, about twelve times as much as that of air, so performing certain exercises in the water can have a similar effect to other types of strength training done on land. Doing water aerobics regularly can also help reduce body fat, as around 400 to 500 calories are burned per hour of water aerobics, depending on your size, the intensity of your workout, and the speed of your movements. Since water aerobics is a great way to stay healthy while causing minimal pain and damage, Fitness Plus, the workout facility at Catawba Valley Medical Center, offers several varieties of water aerobics classes, including Aquarobics, Aqua Tone, Aqua Yoga, and Gentle Waves, which is recommended for those who are new exercisers or struggle with arthritic pain. In addition to the variety of classes, Fitness Plus also provides members with one of the warmest pools in the area, which ensures a more comfortable workout experience. Not only do the water aerobics classes incorporate regimens that improve your health, but they also prove to be enjoyable for most people who attend the class. April Berg, who instructs several water aerobics classes at Fitness Plus says, “When instructing a class, I not only incorporate components of fitness with each exercise, but I also try to make the class as enjoyable as possible. I think that a number of people who become regular attendees at my classes attests to both the health benefits and the enjoyment of the classes.”

To see the complete schedule of water aerobics classes, click the following link: https://catawbavalleymedical.org/for-your-health/fitness-plus/aquatics-classes-a-schedule/

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