Pre-Travel Consultations

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Before you see the world, visit our international travel clinic.

It’s a big beautiful world out there, but it’s also filled with potential health hazards. Which is why you should call to schedule a travel consultation four to six weeks prior to departure.

We are your full-service travel health consultant. We will provide you with information about health risks you may be facing in the country or countries you are visiting. We will also explain the required and recommended immunizations you will need, and immunize you while you are here at our clinic. In addition, we will offer prevention and treatment for medical conditions you may encounter in the region of your travel.

Call our international travel clinic at 828.326.2145 for more information and to schedule your appointment.

Plan Your Visit

  • Call 828.326.2145 to schedule your appointment.
  • When calling to schedule your appointment, please have the following available:
    • Insurance Information
    • Dates of Departure and Return
    • Travel Itinerary including Countries and Cities to be Visited (In Order)
  • Items to bring to your appointment:
Please check your insurance benefits prior to your appointment. A claim will be submitted to your insurance company for services provided. You will be responsible for charges not covered by your insurance company.

Additional Resources:

For more information, please contact us at 828.326.2145.