Catawba Valley Medical Center Visitors

Visitors are always welcome at Catawba Valley Medical Center. However, the comfort and care of patients is our foremost concern. Every patient care unit has individual visiting hours and guidelines. Please ask the patient's nurse for more information. We discourage anyone from visiting if they are not feeling well themselves. Please consult the patient's nursing staff for further details.

To facilitate healing, we ask that visitors keep noise levels to a minimum. When visiting patients in semi-private rooms, we ask you to limit the number of visitors to avoid the potential for disturbing other patients. If you find the noise level in or around your room disturbing, please let your nurse know. We ask that visitors observe health laws requiring proper dress, including shoes and shirt, when visiting patients. Catawba County ordinance prohibits smoking on all county property so please obey the 'No Smoking' policy on all hospital property.

Hospital Amenities

As a guest of our hospital, you will have access to several of our services. Our cafeteria is open 7 days a week and services freshly prepared, nutritious meals for patients and guests. We also provide a gift shop where visitors can buy get well gifts for their loved ones.

If you are unable to visit the hospital in person but would like to support a patient, we ensure that all gifts and letters are delivered directly to patient rooms. You can also call patient rooms by dialing 828-326-2 and the patient’s room number.