Preparing for Surgery at Catawba Valley Medical Center

Your Safety is Our Priority

Medical operations at Catawba Valley Medical Center are performed at the Day Surgery Center. This is a state-of-the-art facility outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Our staff will make sure every precaution is taken to ensure your safety, and you can do your part by making sure you follow all of the doctor’s instructions.

The Pre-Procedure Interview

Before surgery is scheduled, we have patients come in for a pre-procedure interview. During this time you will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for your operation and what to expect when you arrive at the hospital.

During the interview, your preoperative nurse or physician will cover:

  • When to schedule your surgery
  • What you can and can’t eat in the days before the surgery
  • How long you should fast the day before surgery
  • If you can keep taking your regular medication before surgery
  • Medical devices you that you should bring with you the day of the operation
  • How to shower and clean yourself the day of the surgery
  • What you should do if you get sick before the surgery
  • What to bring with you, including hearing aids, contacts, glasses, dentures and the cases for said items
  • Be sure to also bring insurance cards and a list of your current medications

Most surgical procedures require a period of fasting. Normally this is nothing after midnight, but this depends on your surgery time. This is for your safety in an effort to prevent stomach contents from accidentally entering your lungs during sedation or anesthesia. If you do not follow instructions your procedure may be delayed or cancelled for your safety.

Be sure to also avoid tobacco products, recreational drugs, and herbal remedies. You will also need to remove makeup and fingernail polish. Leave valuables at home as the hospital cannot guarantee their safety.

At Check In

You cannot drive yourself home after surgery, so it is highly recommended that you have someone ready to drive you to and from the hospital. If you do not have a ride prepared for when it is time to leave the hospital, your operation may be postponed. When you check in, we will provide your friend or loved one with a pager so they can be contacted during the surgery in case we need information from them. This also allows us to give your loved one updates about your status so they can stay informed while waiting.

Please arrive to the hospital 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time. We will need to fill out paperwork and review any changes in your condition since your last visit during that time. You will also meet with an anesthesiologist who will ask you some questions to ensure a sedative will not cause an allergic reaction or similar complication.

Tell Us What We Can Do For You

Perhaps more than anything else, it is important you speak up regarding any questions or concerns you have about the operation. You deserve to know what this procedure will entail so you can feel comfortable and confident. Remember, the purpose of this operation is to improve your health and wellbeing, and you have a say in how things proceed!