East Alexander Middle School Students Contribute to Susan G. Komen Fund

East Alexander Middle School (EAMS) students of Mrs. Gordon and Miss Barriger held a recent fundraiser for the NC Foothills Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Students made key chains, magnets, ornaments, and pins for breast cancer awareness and sold them to their teachers and classmates. They raised $150 which they donated to the NC Foothills Affiliate. EAMS students and teachers involved in the fundraising include Ruby Price, Chelsey Sparks, Rachel Stout, Miss Barriger, Tiffany Hayes, Nathan Jordan, Mrs. Stevenson, Megan Cardwell, Elizabeth Meredith, Alberto Arias, Tyler Sparks, Brandon Holland, Jeremiah Garcia, Mrs. Gordon, Hannah Hoffa, John Simms and Sami Williams.