COVID Relief Fund

While the Covid-19 pandemic threatens Catawba County and the surrounding areas, Catawba Valley Health System continues to work diligently to provide exceptional healthcare. Even with the system and its resources strained, our healthcare workers persist in their months-long battle against this perplexing illness.

Provider, nurses, and ancillary staff, however, are exhausting their personal emotional reserves and the resources of the healthcare system, but you can help. The Catawba COVID Relief Fund has been established to encourage and engage frontline workers and to provide crucial funding for emergency equipment and programs specifically targeted towards fighting this disruptive and serious disease. Your financial gift can provide a meal for a tired worker, a new piece of equipment that helps in the fight, or personal protection for a frontline healthcare provider.

Please donate to this important initiative. You can make a difference in the fight against the pandemic in Catawba County!

Thank you for your support during this difficult time!